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Ellie Lovell

Abnormal Smear


What does mean an abnormal smear or a positive smear?

One in 12 women will have abnormal smear. Unfortunately even there is perhaps a lot of information around there I feel that there is still not adequate information what actually means to a particular woman who have been reported an abnormal smear. As understanding and expectation varies widely amongst our women and clinician at large it is important to have some clear information about abnormal smear. This is quite correctly explained by a senior colleague of mine Mr Patrick Walker whom I have worked with before “When a woman is told she has a positive smear she has to face up to issues around her sexuality, her fertility and her mortality.” Ref: POSITIVE SMEAR, a book by Susan Quilliam could be useful to read. You could get also some information on these websites: or

The most important thing is that cervical cancer in many occasions could be prevented. I have performed audits on cervical cancer before and have found that 6-7 out of 10 women who developed cervical cancer either not had smear at all or defaulted in there smear recall. This has also been proven in several other publications as well. Therefore not going for a cervical smear is a biggest risk for development of cervical cancer in future. However it is important to remember that cervical smear is a screening test therefore it has a false result as well. A regular smear will reduce the incidence of false result.

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